Biographical Information
Mark Eyler specializes in designing custom residential homes, and has more than 20 years experience designing custom homes and other significant projects in the Hawaiian Islands, on the mainland, and internationally. (see Projects)

Experienced in all aspects of architectural work, Mark offers services ranging from Site Planning and Project Development to Conceptual Design and Construction Supervision. (See Services Offered.)

As co-founder of Architects Kauai, Inc in 1989 with Bill Bess ( retired ), Mark has developed a unique insight into evolving architectural forms and the myriad choices involved in home building—from site selection, to building laws, to materials choices... MORE
Architectural Design Philosophy
Mark Eyler emphasizes the connection between architecture, place, and people. As a result, Eyler homes possess an optimism and identity reflecting the personality of the homeowner.

By facilitating your ability to articulate what appeals to you both functionally and aesthetically, Mark is able to develop appropriate design solutions to create a home that suits your particular needs. He excels at optimizing the home site in the context of its particular environment and intended uses. ... MORE